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We’ve collected our answers to the most common questions about trading services.

A: Creating an account is easy and fast. Click on Create Live Account, fill out the form and you will receive the login information in your email inbox immediately after completion.
A: We do not offer managed accounts at the moment, we are working on developing this service. But we have a multi-account management system, so if you are a veteran trader or have your own money manager, we will give you the best possible service.
A: Sorry, no, all our bids are settled in USD transactions.
A: We ensure the safety of your funds through the US Financial Instruments Market Regulations. Client funds are segregated and held in a separate segregated client account at the firm. These funds cannot be paid to creditors or repaid to the company for any debts or expenses. Bank Accounts We operate under the organization of U.S. financial institutions to maintain our clients’ accounts. The Investment Compensation Fund (ICF) will ensure that the firm can compensate all clients in the event of bankruptcy or failure to meet commitments. The cost of this compensation will be determined based on the client’s general statement level.
A: As soon as the account is funded, it is ready for trading. Log in to Service & Support, click on Deposit in the main menu, select your preferred deposit method, follow the instructions provided, and confirm your payment.
A: We offer floating spreads as low as one point. No double quotes: clients enjoy the most direct market prices. You can learn more about spreads here.
A: We offer leverage of 1:100 – 1:500
A: Margin can be considered as the actual deposit required to maintain an open position. : Contract size/leverage. For example, if you trade a standard lot of EUR/USD (let’s assume its exchange rate is 1.4300) and the base currency of your account is USD and your leverage is 1:500, the margin is: 100,000/500 = $200 EUR and the current exchange rate is 1.4300, then the conversion to USD will appear in your account as $286 USD. The Margin Ratio is a formula of Equity / Margin X 100%. If you have a standard account and the margin ratio drops to 50%, your position will be closed automatically.
A: Forex margin is calculated as follows: Margin = [number of lots * (contract size / leverage)] * opening price, in a standard account the contract size is 100 000 units for all Forex currencies. For example, if the base currency of your trading account is USD, the leverage is 1:500 and you trade 1 lot of European and American pairs at 1.40000, the margin is calculated as follows: (1 * 100 000/500) * opening price = 200 EUR * 1.40000 = 280 USD EUR is the main currency in European and American currency pairs, and since your account is in USD, the system will automatically convert 200 EUR into 280 USD. You will have a margin of 280 USD in your account.

Our Goal

The company is committed to meeting your global asset trading and investment needs
01. Anten Group's mission is to provide its clients with the best spreads and various financial trading products on the market, while offering unparalleled turnover rates and the strongest solvency through the world's most technologically advanced order trading platform.
02. Anten Group enables its clients (both retail individuals and institutional groups) to trust the international financial services group when trading, while benefiting from the best global trading environment.
03. Having witnessed and experienced the difference between institutional and retail trading, our goal is to fill the gap and provide you with a fair trading platform.