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What is MT5

We offer one of the world’s most popular and widely used online trading platforms MetaTrader5 (MT5). The MT5 trading platform offers Powerful charting tools: more than 50 technical indicators and intraday analysis tools. Security and reliability Easy to use, yet with the features used by advanced traders, it has become the standard platform for online trading.

Quickly sign up for a demo account

Practice trading using a demo account with unlimited amount of virtual funds

A single platform with multiple assets

Trade forex, synthetic indices,stocks, stock indices, andcryptocurrencies in one place.

Quickly sign up for a demo account

Practice trading using a demo account with unlimited amount of virtual funds

A single platform with multiple assets

Trade forex, synthetic indices,stocks, stock indices, andcryptocurrencies in one place.

MT5 Vs MT4

Feature MT5 MT4
Execution mode
Number of order execution modes supported by the platform
4 3
64-bit version This machine supports 64-bit architecture
Server architecture
Platform underlying server architecture
Decentralized Single
Account group
The number of trader account groups that can be created in the platform
unlimited 512
Security group
Number of financial instrument groups supported by the platform
unlimited 32
Built-in order routing
Local routing options, allowing management of transaction request processing rules
Order database
The size of the maximum order database size that does not affect the performance of the platform
unlimited Up to 10 million orders
Background and central office internal report formats supported by the platform
Chart (HTML5) + form Form only
Balance Transaction type
Types of balance transactions supported by the platform
Balance, credit, correction, fees, bonuses, commissions, agency, interest Balance, credit
Log file ZIP compression
ZIP compression of statistical log files, the server records all actions and events performed
SQL export
Native real-time export to SQL database
Native(MySQL、MSSQL、Oracle) limited(MySQL)
Manager API Manager API
Supported programming languages, which can realize the integration of the platform and the agent system
C++、ASP.Net、PHP C++
Gateway API
Support gateway API, which can realize the integration of the platform and the trading system
Reporting API
Access to the reporting API allows to enhance the reporting capabilities of the trading server
Partial order execution policy
The availability of partial order execution options, in which a transaction with the maximum trading volume available on the market is executed, which does not exceed the requested trading volume in the order, and the outstanding trading volume is cancelled
Order transaction policy
Order fulfillment policy-you can set additional order execution conditions
Fill in or terminate immediately Or cancel Return Fill or kill
Pending order type
e type of pending order requesting the broker to buy or sell financial securities under pre-defined conditions in the future
6 4
Market depth
Market depth option, providing bids and bids for financial securities at different prices based on trading volume
Time&Sales (Exchange data)
Ability to receive data about Time & Sales from Exchange
Technical Indicators
It can automatically detect patterns in the price dynamics of financial instruments to help users make trading decisions.
38 30
Graphic objects
The number of analytical objects that help to identify financial instrument price trends, detection cycles and support/resistance levels, establish channels, etc.
44 31
Quantity-the time interval for grouping quotes of financial instruments
21 9
Economic Calendar Economic Calendar
Availability—basic analysis tools, which contain publications of macroeconomic indicators of various countries, which may affect the price of financial instruments
Email system
The built-in e-mail service function enables users to receive important information from brokers directly in the platform
 With accessories  Without accessories
Between accounts
Transfer of funds The possibility of transferring funds between accounts within the same trading server
Charging machine mql5. Community Directory
You can chat with other traders directly in the platform
Strategy test
The built-in strategy tester supports the testing and optimization mode of trading robots
Multithreading +Multiple currencies
+Real quotation
Single thread
Multilingual Unicode
Support Unicode character encoding standard to ensure that characters and symbols in any language are displayed correctly
Net settlement(netting)
Support the netting accounting system, only open positions in one financial instrument are allowed to be held
Hedging accounting system
Support, allowing multiple positions in financial instruments in the same and opposite directions
Trading symbol
Number of financial instruments that can be traded on the platform
unlimited 1024
Supported markets
Financial market, platform users can trade on it
Foreign Exchange/CFD/Futures/ Options/stocks/bonds FOREX/CFD
Exchange trading
Support the exchange market and provide trading of stocks, futures, bonds and options

Improved Functionality

The company behind MT4 and MT5, Metaquotes Software, believes in “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” However, they believe in improving what’s already there.

Here are some improvements to MT5

More than just forex trading

MT4 is specially designed for Forex traders. But as brokerages continue to add more markets to their roster of financial instruments to meet the growing demands of their clients, trading platforms have also had to expand. MT5 is now a more versatile trading platform for traders and investors looking to diversify their investments. With MT5, you can trade stocks, futures, options and bonds. The platform can also connect you to more than 80 exchanges around the world. These include the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) and the Moscow Exchange (MOEX).

Pending order type

A pending order is basically an instruction that you provide to your broker about which position to buy or sell. There are four types of pending orders on MT4–rebound long, breakthrough long, rebound short and breakthrough short. MT5 has added two types of pending orders–breakthrough rebound long and breakthrough rebound short. Break through the rebound and go long as a stop loss order for the rebound to go long. Once the future asking price reaches the specified stop loss level, a pending order to rebound and go long will be placed in the breakthrough price area. The stop loss level is set above the bid price, while the stop break rebound price is set below the stop loss level. The same principle applies to breaking through the rebound and shorting, but the bid price is used as the limit price, not the ask price.

Technical indicators

MT5 provides traders with a wide set of tools. Compared with the 30 indicators of MT4, MT5 has 38. MT5 divides these indicators into five different groups—trend, oscillation, volume, Bill Williams and a custom group where you can store indicators developed or imported by yourself. This new indicator group system allows you to use more indicators more easily and quickly.The new indicators include

Trend indicator Oscillator Bill Williams
Double exponential moving average Three-index average Market Facilitation Index
Three-exponential moving average

These additives provide traders with a wider range of tools that they can use to analyze trends and make more informed decisions, leading to better trading.

MT5 also has an extended list of analytical objects that help determine the price trends of financial instruments. MT4 provides 31 analytical objects, and MT5 has 44 analytical objects, including lines, drawing channels, Gann tools, shapes, arrows, Fibonacci, and Eliot.

New Features

Of course, if the upgraded trading platform does not have brand new features of the system, what will it look like?

Here are some new features of MT5:

Economic calendar

A new feature on MT5 is the built-in economic calendar, which is not available on MT4...

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Order filling strategy

If in the MT4 filling or termination strategy, the order will be cancelled without the

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Market depth

Finally, traders can take advantage of MT5's new tool market depth. Market depth can

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Unilateral position

A new feature of MT5 is the unilateral position holding mode. This means that you can have

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Built-in MQL5 community chat

MT5 allows you to monitor the market and perform trading operations while

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